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Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:44)

hidden treasure.png

The Jist:

  1. Take your family to the tree and show them the For-Sale sign.  

  2. Okay guys!  This piece of land right here is for sale.  We’re gonna inspect the land together to see if you think it’s worth $10,000.  Are you ready to help?  Send your kids out and wait for them to find the treasure box.  Hint: It's in the tall grass, 15 paces north of the shed in a half-buried plastic bin.

  3. When they find the treasure box, get excited and inspect it with them. It will be helpful to make comments like, “Wow! This must be millions of dollars.” Put the treasure back and tell them you have to pay for the land before the treasure is yours.  Ask them if they think you should go back home and sell all you have so you can come back and buy the land with the treasure?

They might figure out what is going on by now and you can transition from the object lesson to the real conversation.

  1. Is there anything in your life that is worth everything?  

  2. Have you heard people complain about this world we live in?  What are some of the complaints you hear?  This world is broken and so are we but God has a plan to make all things new.  We can be part of His Kingdom today and our hearts can be made new.  Someday our bodies and the world will be new.  We will live with God and everyone will look to Him as King. 

  3. God said that His Kingdom is like a box of treasure.  What makes having Him as our King better than anything in this world?  He has a good plan for now and for the future.  His promises are all we need.

What does it mean that God will one day end the curse and be King once and for all?

No more…


  • Burdens

  • Broken anything

  • Bullying

  • Emergencies

  • Worry

  • Fighting

  • Rejection

  • Sickness

  • Shame

  • Struggle

  • Temptation

  • Death 

Instead, there will be rest, celebration, victory, true community, peace, creativity, joy.

He also said that when we find His Kingdom it’s even better than finding a treasure box. If we understand the value of God’s Kingdom, we will be willing to give everything else just to have him as our Savior and King.

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