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The Wide and Narrow Gate  (Matthew 7:13) Ages 8 and up

Here's what you do:

The Jist:

Stand outside of the gates and discuss what you notice about the two options.  Go through each gate and discuss the messages you read and what you think and feel about those messages. Discuss which messages from the easy path influence you the most?  Your kids may notice that the wide gate leads to a path where all the pressure to figure out life is put on the individual (high independence/low support).  The narrow path offers the support needed from a God who is all-powerful and all-loving (high support/dependent on God).

Helpful Parent Info: The narrow path is much longer and leads to the ongoing path around the pond.  The wide gate leads to a sort of cycle that leads to "destruction."  Jesus is there whispering that it's not too late to turn to Him.

The Conversation:

What life directions does the easy path guide people in? (depending on ourselves)

How did the wide road feel?

What life directions does God give? (depending on Him)

What makes it so tempting to walk through the wide gate and continue down that road?

Which matters most, the path we say we are going to take or the path we actually take in life?

How does it feel to be on the path of Jesus?

What’s the difference between the ends of these two paths?

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